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Gilgandra JC Gilgandra 26/07/2016 
Wyong R.C Wyong 26/07/2016 
ATC Warwick Farm 25/07/2016 (Trial) 
Gunnedah JC Gunnedah 25/07/2016 (Trial) 
Moruya JC Moruya 25/07/2016 (Trial) 
Gunnedah JC Gunnedah 25/07/2016 
Moruya JC Moruya 25/07/2016 
Coffs Harb RC Coffs Harbour 24/07/2016 
Hawkesbury RC Hawkesbury 24/07/2016 
Coffs Harb RC Coffs Harbour 24/07/2016 (Trial) 
Carinda-Dist RC Carinda 23/07/2016 
ATC Canterbury Park 23/07/2016 
Newcastle JC Beaumont Newcastle 23/07/2016 
Lismore TC Lismore 23/07/2016 (Trial) 
Lismore TC Lismore 23/07/2016 
Taree-Wing RC Taree 22/07/2016 (Trial) 
Taree-Wing RC Taree 22/07/2016 
Murrumbidgee TC Wagga 22/07/2016 
Murrumbidgee TC Wagga 22/07/2016 (Trial) 
Moree RC Moree 21/07/2016 
Gosford RC Ltd Gosford 21/07/2016 
ATC Warwick Farm 20/07/2016 
ATC Rosehill Gardens 19/07/2016 (Trial) 
Wine Ctry RC Cessnock 19/07/2016 
Goul-Dist R Goulburn 18/07/2016 (Trial) 
Narromine TC Narromine 18/07/2016 
Goul-Dist R Goulburn 18/07/2016 
Wyong R.C Wyong 18/07/2016 (Trial) 
Narromine TC Narromine 18/07/2016 (Trial) 
Clarence Riv JC Grafton 17/07/2016 
Corowa RC Corowa 17/07/2016 
Corowa RC Corowa 17/07/2016 (Trial) 
Clarence Riv JC Grafton 17/07/2016 (Trial) 
Illawarra TC Kembla Grange 16/07/2016 
Tuncurry JC Tuncurry 16/07/2016 
ATC Rosehill Gardens 16/07/2016 
Tuncurry JC Tuncurry 16/07/2016 (Trial) 
Talmoi APRC Talmoi 16/07/2016 
Scone RC Scone 15/07/2016 
Scone RC Scone 15/07/2016 (Trial) 
ATC Royal Randwick 15/07/2016 (Trial) 
Clarence Riv JC Grafton 14/07/2016 
Clarence Riv JC Grafton 13/07/2016 
ATC Warwick Farm 13/07/2016 
Wellington RC Wellington 12/07/2016 (Trial) 
Wellington RC Wellington 12/07/2016 
Wyong R.C Wyong 12/07/2016 
Hawkesbury RC Hawkesbury 11/07/2016 (Trial) 
Murrumbidgee TC Wagga 11/07/2016 (Trial) 
Murrumbidgee TC Wagga 11/07/2016 
Clarence Riv JC Grafton 10/07/2016 
Enngonia RC Enngonia 9/07/2016 
Moruya JC Moruya 9/07/2016 
Newcastle JC Beaumont Newcastle 9/07/2016 
Wean APRC Wean 9/07/2016 
Moruya JC Moruya 9/07/2016 (Trial) 
ATC Royal Randwick 9/07/2016 
Scone RC Scone 8/07/2016 
ATC Rosehill Gardens 8/07/2016 (Trial) 
Bathurst TR Bathurst 8/07/2016 
Clarence Riv JC Grafton 7/07/2016 (Trial) 
Hawkesbury RC Hawkesbury 7/07/2016 
Clarence Riv JC Grafton 7/07/2016 
ATC Canterbury Park 6/07/2016 
Murrumbidgee TC Wagga 6/07/2016 (Trial) 
Newcastle JC Cessnock 6/07/2016 (Trial) 
Corowa RC Corowa 5/07/2016 (Trial) 
Illawarra TC Kembla Grange 5/07/2016 (Trial) 
Corowa RC Corowa 5/07/2016 
Wine Ctry RC Cessnock 5/07/2016 
ATC Warwick Farm 5/07/2016 (Trial) 
Taree-Wing RC Taree 4/07/2016 
Illawarra TC Kembla Grange 4/07/2016 
Taree-Wing RC Taree 4/07/2016 (Trial) 
Mudgee RC Inc. Mudgee 3/07/2016 
Sapphire Cst TC Sapphire Coast 3/07/2016 
Mudgee RC Inc. Mudgee 3/07/2016 (Trial) 
Sapphire Cst TC Sapphire Coast 3/07/2016 (Trial) 
Gunnedah JC Gunnedah 2/07/2016 
Gunnedah JC Gunnedah 2/07/2016 (Trial) 
ATC Rosehill Gardens 2/07/2016 
Duck Creek PRC Nyngan 2/07/2016 
Newcastle JC Beaumont Newcastle 2/07/2016 
Cootamundra TC Cootamundra 2/07/2016 (Trial) 
Cootamundra TC Cootamundra 2/07/2016 
Goul-Dist R Goulburn 1/07/2016 (Trial) 
Muswellbrook RC Muswellbrook 1/07/2016 (Trial) 
Goul-Dist R Goulburn 1/07/2016 
Muswellbrook RC Muswellbrook 1/07/2016 
Wyong R.C Wyong 30/06/2016 
ATC Warwick Farm 29/06/2016 
ATC Rosehill Gardens 28/06/2016 (Trial) 
Kempsey RC Inc. Kempsey 28/06/2016 
Shoalhaven TC Nowra 28/06/2016 
Kempsey RC Inc. Kempsey 28/06/2016 (Trial) 
Gunnedah JC Gunnedah 27/06/2016 (Trial) 
Gunnedah JC Gunnedah 27/06/2016 
Gosford RC Ltd Gosford 27/06/2016 (Trial) 
Murrumbidgee TC Wagga 27/06/2016 
Tweed River JC Murwillumbah 26/06/2016 (Trial) 
Gilgandra JC Gilgandra 26/06/2016 
Gilgandra JC Gilgandra 26/06/2016 (Trial) 
Tweed River JC Murwillumbah 26/06/2016 
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