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RSB Subscription Services for MyHorseRaces

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Racing Australia is recognised under the Australian Rules of Racing as the official source of Australian thoroughbred racing information. Trading as the Racing Services Bureau (RSB) Racing Australia is pleased to offer a range of RSB subscription products with the most up to date information available straight from our “official” database.

Whether you are after a single meeting or wish to subscribe to ongoing services for a period of time the RSB has a product to meet your needs. Following is a list of the RSB subscription services available, click on any of them to obtain more details.

Per meeting subscriptions

Computer Form (last 2 years)
New Form (Last 5 Starts)

Should you require assistance or have questions regarding any of the RSB subscription services please contact: or
telephone (03) 8354 2500 during business hours

RSB Subscription Account

To become a registered RSB subscriber you will need to either prepay for period subscription services or maintain a pre-paid account with the RSB, the cost of download services you choose are deducted from the balance of this account. You can subscribe on-line by credit card (payments will be processed within the hour during business hours) or by cheque (may take up to 7 days to process).

Credit Card payments may be made on-line by following the links under the appropriate product or download a mail order subscription form by clicking here
Cheques should be made payable to:

Racing Australia
Level 1 Racing Centre,
400 Epsom Road
FLEMINGTON Victoria 3031

Copyright Licence

The content presented on the Websites including the content offered through RSB Subscription Services is protected by copyright law in Australia and overseas by international treaties. RSB subscription entitles the subscriber to use the services subscribed to for their own personal, non-commercial, entertainment purposes only. Any enquiry regarding any other use of material on the Websites should be forwarded to

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Items marked with a blue bullet require the free RSB Print package. To download the Print Package click here

*All prices quoted include GST

Period subscriptions

Computer Form

A truly comprehensive form guide, Computer Form contains an analysis of a meeting at nominations, weights or acceptance stages. It contains details for every start each horse has had in the past 2 years (up to 20+ Starts) and all its previous wins. It also shows the complete racing summaries i.e. performances at the TRACK; DISTANCE; TRACK & DISTANCE and over the various track conditions (FAST; GOOD; DEAD; SLOW; HEAVY).

Available for all meetings Australia wide $13.20 per meeting

To view a sample file click here or to subscribe by On Line Credit Card click here

New Form

New Form is scaled down cost effective version of Computer Form, available at close of nominations, weights or acceptance stages. Includes racing summaries as for the Computer Form above, however with only the details of the last 5 starts.

New Form is available for all race meetings throughout Australia for $5.50 per meeting.

To view a sample file click here or to subscribe by On Line Credit Card click here